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Trouble using KMD app

I have experienced some trouble while using the KMD app on the ledger live.

First of all, my firmware is up to date, both bitcoin, ethereum and komodo app have been installed and are up to date.

When I am sending a transaction from my ledger using the KMD app, after the confirmation on my ledger device, the ledger live app shows me an error, usually the famous "Internal process error (3221225477)" and from time to time a " Dynamic exception type: class std::out_of_range std::exception::what: Offset [2] is too high (maximum value is 1)".

the app offers me then to retry the same transaction, however the transaction is correctly broadcoasted on the blockchain and visible in any KMD explorer. But there is a major issue : no locktime is set up for all these transactions. This point is very important since KMD offers a reward based on these locktimes.

So here is my point; any guess on the origin of this ledger error ?


UPDATE : No solution was proposed/found so far. If people are experienced the same thing, just withdraw your funds on binance or on agama wallet and then withdraw back to a KMD adress own by your ledger. The locktime will be fine and the claiming reward too. However you will have to perform the same thing each time you will want to do a transaction via ledger live app.

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